There are many different types of essays. Essay types include argumentative essay, expository essay, cause and effect essay, compare and contrast essay, narrative essay, and other types of academic writing. Students become acquainted with all these essay types while in school. These essay types help students to develop different styles of writing. Students should be taught to effectively use their writing style and to affect different readers. While writing an essay, it is important for any student to know what kind of essay he/she is going to write because each type of essay has its individual characteristics.

Difficulties of essay types

For example, compare and contrast essays are focused on finding similarities and differences between two objects or two events, etc. Students involved in essay writing should be competent in a wide range of issues. They should be ready to prepare a list of similarities and differences in order to organise their ideas in a proper way. However, another essay types have different requirements. For example, argumentative essays are focused providing strongly persuasive arguments. In other words, an argumentative essay is based on choosing the individual position on some specific topic or issue and defending it with the proper reliable sources.

Differences between essay types

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