Essay on Terrorist Attacks in Paris

Essay on Terrorist Attacks in Paris

No one of us could believe it would happen. No one could imagine lots of civilians may die without any reason. But it did happen. Unfortunately.

Last Friday night eight a series of terrorist attack amazed Paris. There were eight explosions in different parts of the city. The first one was heard near the Stadium. On this very night there were a lot of people, as everyone came to watch the football game between France and Germany. During the game people heard some loud sounds, though the stadium is placed in the suburbs. François Hollande also was among the fans and supporters of the French team. after the explosion happened, the French president was evacuated to a safe place. But the other people were not allowed to leave the stadium. It was dangerous to be on streets. In a short time after the event Hollande announced about a state of emergency.

While some were shouting loud at the stadium and hoping the French team to win, another bomb was exploded in the center of Paris. A café La Belle equipe was attacked by terrorists. On this Friday evening a music band Eagles of death Metal was giving a concert for a huge audience at Le Bataclan hall; and this concert hall has also been paid attention to. The French newspapers said that the terrorists took from 60 to 100 hostages. According to BBC News about six terrorists were in the concert hall and they did the capture. People who were present at the concert told to journalists, that the terrorists were shouting “Allah Akbar” and “You are blamed for Syria”.

In general there were eight explosions in different part of the capital of France.

The police, the ambulance and other auxiliary forces immediately came to the place of incident. People were shocked. It was a bloody Friday and a horrible day for France. The whole world got horrified with the inhuman events in Paris.

The president of France François Hollande announced about a state of emergency in the country. The boarders were closed. No one was allowed to leave or arrive in France. The head of the country advised the French citizens to stay at home – it will be safer for them, as the terrorists attack the places where a big amount of people gather. Hollande asked the employers to provide all impecunious people with shelters. He claimed that it is necessary to secure the citizens and the country.

The government tries to count the number of victims. According to last information from French mass media, their number is about 150 people; there are more than 200 people injured. After the searching and military operation and help, there were found 100 dead people in the concert hall Le Bataclan.

Due to French news, after the attacks the military found a passport of a Syrian citizen. Some of informational sources don’t deny the fact that the act was planned and committed by some terrorist from Syria. The event is still being investigated. Everyone hopes to get more information. But nobody will keep silent.

The American airlines “Airline” canceled all the flights to France.

After the news about the terrorist attack was spread in the Internet and mass media, people all over the world came to French embassy and put flowers to honor all the civilian people that died as a result of cruel events in the French capital.

Using the social networks both people and politicians support French. The picture in the form of “Peace” of a British painter has become the symbol of the attacks in Paris.

François Hollande announced about three days of mourning.