Gambling Problem in Sweden: Online Dependency

Gambling Problem in Sweden: Online Dependency

Swedish online slot machines are very popular all over the globe. However, problem gambling is one of those troubles that every gambling enthusiast may face when playing online slots. It refers to a situation when gaming products become a problem for avid gamblers who suffer from dependency and cannot get rid of a desire to play online games in excessive amounts.

Simply because Swedish casinos are particularly popular with gamblers, problem gambling can become a real disaster for many people across the world. Below you’ll find all the needed information about the problem gaming and how it can be resolved.

Detailed Overview of Online Gaming Addiction in Sweden

The prevalence of gaming-related problems in Sweden is definitely high. If to identify the types of gambling that cause the biggest difficulties for the citizens of Sweden, it would definitely be a great breakthrough in tackling the problem itself. The amounts of money spent on gaming and other gaming-related difficulties often cause many troubles to the Swedish authorities and to residents of Sweden themselves.

It’s worth saying that the national policy here in relation to legal gaming plays a great role in combating the problem of gambling addiction. Thus, according to the survey, the lifetime participation of Swedish residents in gambling refers to such gambling activities as:

  • Lotteries, including national and local games;
  • Swedish sports games;
  • Bingo-Lotto;
  • Online slot machines and various others.

Pathological gamblers participating in this kind of activities include residents aged from teen age to around 70 years old. Judging from the recently obtained information, the current rates of prevalent gaming activities among problem gamblers include those enjoyed in restaurant casinos and different other Swedish casinos. The latter offer slot machines, horse racing games, card games, arcade games, bingo, and others.

Addictive disorders are prevalent among countless Swedish residents, while around 750-1550 people start suffering from such problems each year. Therefore, the Government of Sweden is trying to take the needed measures in order to solve the problem of gambling addiction among the local society. IT-related games are also included into this category.

What’s the Difference between Non-Problem and Problem Gamers in Sweden?

First, it’s the age of Swedish people who start participating in gambling activities. While the usual age, at which non-problem gamers starts from 20 years of age, the mean age, at which the passion for gambling starts to be a real problem is much younger. As a rule, it’s around 16 years of age.

Lifetime problem gambling and possible pathological problems are much more likely to happen to people under the age of 45 years old. As a rule, these are students of universities, colleges and schools, as well as other similar age categories of gamblers. Problem gamblers spend much time taking full advantage of gaming activities and being passionate and enthusiastic about the participation in casino entertainment.

Problem Gambling Among Adults

As for the adult problem gamblers, many parents often suffer from this trouble too. They may spend three or more hours a day playing casino games, online slot machines and getting engaged in other types of entertainment. Meanwhile, they also spend much money day after day, not to mention that their winnings are not so high. More and more non-problem gamblers feel conscious and anxious about the health of their relatives, family members and friends. This makes them take the necessary measures and try to prevent or bring this problem to a minimum.

It’s also true that legal gambling activities in Sweden are highly popular with people who attend casinos regularly or use online gaming platforms too often. Therefore, the government has established loads of services for problem gamblers. It was once decided by policy-makers that such services can treat problem gamblers and prevent them from playing games too passionately. It can be assumed that this can tackle the entire problem of gaming addiction.