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NIBCO management’s top priorities essay

What change management initiatives were associated with this project? Why was change management important? NIBCO made change management one of the project’s top priorities. This was a very efficient decision provided that the company decided to implement the new system using the “Big Bang” approach. When the project was initiated, the company’s culture and systems […]


2020 how pandemic changed my life essay

When you are watching some fantasy film, when the complete world goes upside down, you usually tend to imagine yourself a hero, able to withstand any circumstances and become the winner. When similar reality comes, it turns out that things are much more difficult. When you are free to lead your usual life, you often […]


Coronavirus COVID-19 essay

The world history includes a number of serious pandemics, which took lives of millions of people. The year 2020 will remained associated with the shocking outbreak of coronavirus. Statistical data vary, but generally it is claimed that there were up to 300.000 cases of this virus with up to 9.000 deaths. Such figures are logically […]


Norman Joseph Wisdom

Norman Joseph Wisdom – the man who lived the great life. Unfortunately not many people on our planet can live almost 100 years and make their long live full of sense and happiness. People like Norman Wisdom give a good example how to live real life every day and inspire next generations. Norman Joseph Wisdom […]


Trump’s wall essay

Governmental Crisis: Trump Sees a Wall on Mexican Border as a Vital Anti-Crisis Measure The US President Donald Trump declared the vital importance of building a wall on Mexican border to stop humanitarian crisis. He did not impose a state of emergency, which would allow getting the necessary monetary funds for its construction without the [...]

John McCain Essay

In Memory of John McCain Today, the world mourns for the loss of a great man, leader, and politician, who was known for a clear political vision of the development of his country and an irreconcilable attitude to the injustice in it and beyond its borders. US Senator John McCain has died at the age [...]

World Bank Essay

The World Bank is the international financial institution that focuses on loans to countries of the world for large projects, which cannot be funded by private banks and which need the involvement of the large international organization that is capable to fund such projects. The World Bank was established in 1945 along with the International [...]

Poisoning of a former Russian spy in Britain: Russia to blame?

Russia was condemned by the British Prime Minister in another misfortune that has recently happened in southern England. She claimed that Russia was responsible for the nerve agent attack on the former Russian spy and she also stated that reprisals are quite probable. Britain has already experienced the poisoning of other influential figures on its […]